Friday, September 25, 2009

the importance of internet..

After the WTC attacks, the Internet played a key role in keeping communication going, performing as an efficient and stable network for thousands of effected workers in lower Manhattan when desk phones and cell phones had failed.
Unlike a telephone call, which requires a direct circuit connection between two telephone sets, data sent over the Internet consists of discrete packets that can follow different channels in a sequence over time and rejoin at the final destination, in a process known as packet switching. For that reason, important information was able to flow around damaged or destroyed cables and telephone switching equipment Internet ..
futhermore,for students,they can learn something from internet like English Language..Most of website in internet are in english language so indirect way they can learn the language..
The conclusion is,internet have more advantage if we used in the right way..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys Lazy than Girls..?

about this topic,I'm really agree because I'm as a boy think girls are smarter than us boys academically because we are kinda LAZY. Actually, boys and girls have different strenghts and weaknesses ,but Now girls are seen as hard working, organised and more likely to succeed in early education but boys are seen as lazy..

If we look at the universities,total of girls is more than boys because of their attitude and do not like to doing some works last minute..its too diffrence if we want to compare between girls and boys..Girls also work extremely hard to make the top of their class in grades and activities..But i cant to believe 100% that "boys lazy than girls" because I'm also as a boy..
It's not that boys are lazier,actually they are less active. In the past, women stayed home, taking care of the kids, the house, prepare the food for the husband, who was doing nothing. Nowadays, women still do that and they work, so boys seem to be lazier, lying on the sofa drinking coffee and watching football. So yes boys can be lazy!!! Wake up man!

The truth is that girls is really better than boys.In the newspapers,lots of reporter had said that women are out doing the men in society.So it’s truth that girls are really better than boys.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

my biography!

hye there!
first of all,my name is Muhammad Hafiz B. Abd Hamid..People always called me apiz or konjeng..i have a lot of story to tell you..Actually,this is my task and i need to submit to miss syazwani as soon as possible..
Firstly,i want to share about myself..Too many people dont know who i am..I'm nineteen years old.I was born in Sabak Bernam but grew up in Kajang, Selangor til now.I'm shy around people that i dont know. I'm a spoiled brat & love being spoiled.hee!My first crush was Hillary Duff. I miss my highschool life, except the learning part.haha! I hate when people pronounce & spell my name wrong.Dont judge me if you dont know me. Explore me first. I have best friends and family and my friends are whole of my life..i try my hardest to make everyone happy but I'm sorry at the times i fail..
~Wish Me Luck Miss~